Church MultiCenter Project

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     We started with a vision of serving the community, which brought about the Lobelville Church Food Pantry Ministry. As a result, hundreds of families in need have been benefited from this program.  


     As time passed, the Food Pantry Ministry has outgrown the small fellowship room used in the distribution of food and much needed goods. Space is barely enough to fit all the items, the people we serve and those who volunteer to this much needed ministry. Plus, food items are being stored in church rooms dedicated to other ministries such as the youth class, fellowship room, etc…


     Our vision is to maximize our Food Pantry program and complement it with even more Ministries for the people. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18), so, we urgently need to expand to be able to effectively continue to serve our community. That is what keeps us alive, and that is why the MULTICENTER Project was born!




Church Building + MultiCenter 



     THE MULTICENTER BUILDING will be an area of approximately 2200 square feet (30x50ft.+10x40ft.) that will offer an ample space to make it possible for our "UThrive" program to provide services and events to help the people of our Community thrive in their Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social dimensions



          1.  Food Pantry Ministry Expansion and better community reach.

          2.  Storage for food goods in the building and under the building, (so that other Ministries can have their rooms back).

          3.  Space for Community Clinics where different health practitioners can come and provide free service to the community.

          4. Health classes to teach the community proper Nutrition and Cooking, Diabetes management, Depression Relief programs, Addiction Recovery, etc…

          5. Room(s) for Workshops and Seminars to train the people in developing Trades and Professional/General Life skills like Computer classes, School Coops, Language learning, Art classes, etc…

          6.  Family Empowering Events which provide support for couples that are going through marital problems, separation or have plans to divorce. This service will help save many couples, children and youth from disaster.

          7.  A place for social activities where the church and community can have fellowship and socialize after the spiritual services.

          8.  Room for Guest Speakers to stay or where a person in an emergency need that cannot afford hotel fees can spend a night.

The possibilities in which this MultiCenter Building can help in the growth and benefit of the community of the church are infinite.











     THE CHALLENGE: Current contractor fees are around $200 dollars per square feet. Which puts the Center in a needed budget of $400.000We are just a small church and this is not possible for us, but “…with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27). With the help of volunteers and knowledgeable people we are hoping to bring this price down.

      You can be part of this project too! Is God putting in your heart the desire to collaborate and donate for this urgent and important project?… Please click on the link below and go directly to our online giving site. 

For donations under $20,000.00 click this link and put your donation in the “Building Fund” category.

For donations above $20,000.00, please send a check with a note to Building Fund to:

                                                  Lobelville TN SDA Church

                                                  PO Box 217

                                                  Lobelville, TN 37097



     May God bless each dollar you donate to this much needed project!

     The Lobelville, TN. SDA Church and Building Committee

            Pastor Daniel Spencer & Head Elder Louis Cruz

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